Reach Stacker
Flexible stacking and handling.

Reachstackers are used for stacking and handling all kinds of containers. Due to the inclined arm, the reachstacker can grip the load units from above, if necessary across several rows of containers.
The vehicles are primarily used in transit and logistics to load containers in ports, railroad stations or industrial sites. They are particularly suitable for smaller terminals and transhipment centers, because despite their dimensions and high tare weight, they are versatile and flexible with a lifting capacity of up to 50 tons, thus replacing more expensive solutions such as port cranes or straddle carriers.
Up to now, reach stackers have been largely diesel-hydraulically driven. In recent years, however, more and more diesel-electric vehicles have come onto the market. Last year, the first battery electric reachstacker was introduced, which uses lithium-ion batteries. However, the challenges due to the high power required to drive the vehicles weighing up to 100 tons are still great.
In the diesel-electric version, a diesel generator forms an electrical intermediate circuit. This is used to electrically drive the chassis, pump and other systems such as the locking system. In contrast to the pure battery electric system, the downtimes for recharging can be eliminated or reduced. At the same time, the size of the generator and thus the diesel consumption is minimized, since it no longer needs to be designed for the load peaks that are covered by the battery and/or supercaps in this system.

REFUdrive solutions can be used in both diesel-electric and battery electric versions.

Power electronics from REFUdrive

  • 2 x double inverter RPCS 730 2x55K for the drive axes
  • 1 x RPCS 730 320 K inverter for the hydraulic lifting gear
  • CANpur (CANopen), cross communication for fast control functions between the inverters for synchronization, e.g. speed, load sharing and energy management

Optional for diesel-electric operation: 1 x RPCS 730 150K generator inverter

Optional for auxiliary operations and power supply 24V: 1x Combi inverter 17K+3K

Optional 22 kW on-board charger

Optional External 220 kW DC charging station for high-voltage batteries in vehicles

REFUdrive systems support and are compatible with all common asynchronous and synchronous motors. Also  complete systems incl. motor can be provided.