More than just drive technology

And what makes your drive?

Electric drives achieve a higher degree of efficiency than hydraulic ones and also score points in terms of environmental friendliness, because they do not require hydraulic oil, which could leak and pollute the environment. This is why hydraulic drives are increasingly being replaced by electric ones. But even where hydraulics cannot be dispensed with, the efficiency can be optimised by controlling the pumps electrically. But that's not all: by using them, CO2 emissions can be drastically reduced and diesel fuel saved.

Electronically synchronised individual drives instead of mechanical transmission elements provide a higher degree of precision, improved controllability and more flexibility. Technology that has been tried and tested in mechanical engineering for years is now finding its way - supplemented by specialist know-how - into new application environments.


REFUdrive offers you the system solution so that when deciding between electric drive and partial electrification to increase efficiency, you not only make the right choice, but also select the appropriate components. Select the components that fit the operating conditions of your application as if from a construction kit - even if you only need one. Whether motor inverters, generator inverters or battery chargers, the REFUdrive component portfolio offers you the most diverse elements.

A wide range of drive solutions

Benefit from a flexibly expandable system that also adapts effortlessly to future conditions and can be easily integrated into your application by means of control via intelligent communication.

With the REFUdrive system, you create the solution that fits your mobile application. You benefit from the modular principle, which you can expand specifically to react flexibly to future changes without having to question the system.

  • guarantees simple interaction of the components, saves commissioning time and training costs

  • reduce overall costs, ensure high availability, lower service costs and increase service life

  • at the highest level for your added flexibility


Wide product range as individual components or as a complete system

Products designed for flexibility, customisable to your desired solution

Highest performance with low weight and compact dimensions paired with extensive functionality and user-friendliness

Designed for use in the toughest conditions with a longer service life than comparable products

Sustainable contribution to the protection of our climate

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